Sunday, October 25, 2009

Your Sunday Squirrel

Let's say you run into a squirrel. There's a bench nearby. He climbs on top of it and waits patiently for a peanut, hardly moving. Do we all smell a perfect shot? I did too. But I managed to screw up this opportunity almost completely. Every shot turned out terrible, especially the blurry one. Here they are:

Gosh, I have no idea what went wrong. I"ve gotten way better shots completely by accident. I guess maybe that was the trouble; it was too perfect of an opportunity. And it was a total bust. And what's up with the colors? I mean, they change in every shot. It even looks like a different squirrel. Usually, my camera is a little more consistent. I dunno, maybe they made the colors all weird during its repair-vacation in Laredo. Anyhow, this was a true blown assignment - even though nobody assigned me to the squirrel beat at Denny Park.

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