Thursday, October 22, 2009

No One Could Have Predicted...

...that when you leave Belltown's worst graffiti uneradicated...

...other efforts will follow:

It's a pretty well-understood urban rule that graffiti accumulates. If you don't wipe it out immediately, more will follow. You'd think that the property managers at the Cristalla would understand that, but no. They're merely surrendering the entire south face of their very expensive 24-story condo tower to taggers, graffitists and various other creators of visual noise. How much are their tenants paying per month in maintenance dues? Obviously, they're not getting their money's worth.

Yeah, I know that I've really been on the Cristalla's case since this post last week for the P-I, but they face the same set of problems as any other building in Belltown. It just seems that every other building is better at responding to those problems. Heck, even the Rivoli is more on the ball.

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