Wednesday, February 12, 2014

OK, I'll Make a Note of That

At the corner of 7th (semi-Dexter) & Denny, you can do this any time.  Anytime at all.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Your Sunday Squirrel

Unfortunately, there were no snow squirrels today.  They're always quite elusive.  Instead, here's a fellow with a dirty nose.  We generally forget that squirrels do a lot of digging.  When snow is on the ground, they don't have much interest in doing that probably because it makes their heads cold.  Sorry for the semi-blurriness on this shot.  My focus-bot was not ready for this guy. 

Winnuh Wunnuh Lan

Well, there was snow.  The bad news is that there wasn't enough of it.  Here are some shots from Denny Park.  It was lovely while it lasted.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Your Sunday Squirrel

This is a chance photo that turned out very nice - calendar nice.  Since it's impossible to pose squirrels, you just have to wait until they're in the right spot.  And then it's all up to your focus-bot to retain the moment.  That happened here and I'm very glad.  Also, my good fortune at finding many, many squirrels at Denny Park most of the time is heartening.  I can remember going there day after day in the summer and finding none.  I'm pretty sure that going early yields the best results.  Of course, when lots of squirrels are circling around, they're even more twitchy and skittish than ever.  They don't hold still at all.  Still, I was able to get this shot.

Well, it seems that we've won a Super Bowl.  Now, don't think that I'm one of those guys who thinks that team sports are for chumps and that I'm above it all.  No indeed, I'm very much a football fan.  I don't care about college standings; I'm only interested in the pros.  I watched today's game at a Chinese restaurant in Edmonds with a few friends.  We were the youngest people there.  It was very exciting.  And yes, the Seahawks won.  I don't feel bad for the Broncos.  Peyton Manning got his MVP last night and most people expected their offense to march down the field at will.  That didn't happen.  The Seahawks beat them worse than they did in the preseason.  It was a complete rout.  I mean, they even sent in their second-string QB in the fourth quarter.  How often does that happen?  It's pretty darn rare in a Super Bowl, I tell you what.  Right now, we're reaping the downside of the game.  There are lots of idiots roaming around Belltown screaming.  I understand that people are happy.  It was a great game.  But please refrain from screaming.  And also, don't be honking around here.  That's just as bad.  Anyhow, congratulations to the Seahawks.  Although the NFC Championship was completely nerve-racking, the Super Bowl was a joy to watch from start to finish.