Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is the End Near?

The corner of 2nd & Bell in front of Dennis' Murder Mart has seen more than its fair share of hatred over the last six months. The sidewalk and street have been jackhammered, dug up, jackhammered some more, dug up again, rearranged, covered over with steel plates and laughed at by crazy people all in the name of improved storm drainage. I knew there would be a day that it would all end. It appears to be in sight. Observe:

After all this time, they appear to be getting ready to pour the sidewalk. Oh, that's just dandy! No more bumping into drunks coming out of Dennis' place! Finally, we'll be free to cross the street directly over to Mama's if we feel like it! The downside is that the area used to be a notorious gathering spot for crack smokers and various drunken lowlifes. With all that digging and such came old, wheezy cops to "direct traffic." Mostly, they watched stuff get dug up. Just that nominal law enforcement presence alone scattered those guys - at least during the day. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that without that singular fat old cop, it'll go back to exactly what it was.

In any case, it's nice to see all the work end at 2nd & Bell. But it's a trade-off: continuous noise and commotion for sporadic noise and drug use.


Lydia said...

They shouldn't pave it just yet. They'll have to come back and tear it up to pump up the foundation of the corner market building, which is sinking because of all the excavations.

Igor Keller said...

Well, even though it's in vain, I appreciate their effort at making it appear like things are winding down.