Friday, October 23, 2009

Trivia Triumph, Part Googleplex

How was trivia at Jillian's? Gosh, so nice of you to ask! Well, by some miracle authored by Jesus or Allah, we won. I'm not sure how we accomplished it, because we were correcting another team's answers and they were kicking our asses until the very last round. Particularly dismal was the round when we had to match the hip-hop lyrics with the hip-hop artist. Basically, that's my nightmare category. Through sheer guesswork, we got four out of ten. We did well on everything else (like the "name the movie that features Seattle" and the "name the person who has an American city for a last name" categories), but I still don't see how we won. Well, I'm not questioning anyone's wisdom or ability to add a simple string of numbers. I'm basking in the warm rays of victory! Oh, and unlike Schultzy's, we did win money - it just about covered my bar tab. So after two agonizing tries - and finishes of 8th and 5th place - we now celebrate a victory and we move up in the overall standings. Hooray for us!

Sorry that I didn't take any pictures. I was too busy taunting our opponents.

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