Monday, October 26, 2009

After Hours

Byanka. Pesnya pro leto (Summer's Song)

Happy trashy Russian pop Monday! Today we present the stripper-iffic Byanka. She declares herself the queen of Russian R&B before the grinding starts. You'll get to see some elements of Russian folklore incongruously wedged into this video. And yes, that's a very fast stove they're riding across the desert to get to the "hut by the sea," which just happens to be perched on chicken feet - just like Baba Yaga's hut, only without Baba Yaga and her cannibalism. In between all this, you get to see a lot of Byanka's hypnotic belly button. So yes, very weird and whatnot, but it wasn't the most supremely blatant video I could find. Not by a longshot. That honor falls to "Ya soshla c uma" by t.a.T.u. When it came out in this country, they called it "All the Things She Said." Compared to that Zhanna Friske videos are like Bergman films. Yeah, I'm gonna save that till next Monday. But it's not like you can't get on the YouTubes and see it for yourself. It might rot your mind and turn you into a serial killer. Or you can wait. Either way, trashy Russian pop Monday will continue.

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