Monday, October 12, 2009

Here's a Cool, New Thing!

I was walking along 1st Ave. last week just like a normal citizen when something new and colorful caught my eye. It was in this parking enclosure between Battery & Wall, and it looked like this:

Very big and nice, isn't it? The only problem is that it's not all that visible tucked away like it is. You can see it if you're walking by on the west side of the street, but it's very tough to see otherwise. Funny thing, though, it wasn't quite finished. I passed by today and found that a giant, angry gorilla had been added, like so:

And so:

Yeah, ever neater, I say. Let's not waste our time speculating about why a giant, angry gorilla would be welcoming you to Belltown. Let's just appreciate it for being cool. Thanks, whoever painted this, it's a nice addition to the neighborhood!

And speaking of that, you can check out a variety of other good stuff (and very little tagging) at that little parking lot. If you look at the Google Maps shot of it from last year, you'll notice that nothing's there. That's not true any more. Go check it out. Like I said, there's some very worthwhile stuff there, like this:

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