Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Passion of the Christ Punchers

I got the call to trivia action a few days ago. The place would be Schultzy's on University Way (no, I don't call it the "Ave;" the only "Ave" for me is 2nd and sometimes 5th), the day would be Tuesday and the time, if that's an important detail for you, would be 8:00. Our team, bearing the now-standard moniker, the Christ Punchers, would be understrength. We would only have three this evening: Dr. Al, Dr.(?) Cara and non-Dr. Igor. We drank and answered questions, then drank more and answered more questions. This went on for some two hours. Dr. Al came through in spectacular fashion when he named 1989 San Francisco earthquake. It's the Loma Prieta, by the way. He also had a few other clutch answers. The only other team that was smaller than ours sat across from us - just two guys. They finished 16th out of 18 teams. The bottom two teams left early, so yeah, those two came in last place. As for us, it was close, but we won. What did we get for this achievement? Recognition and diddly squat else. What a gyp! Every single trivia contest I've ever competed in has offered something. Not Schultzy's. We didn't even get a free sausage! OK, so we won. Big deal! Pardon my materialism, but I want something to show for triumphing over 17 other teams of "normals;" a plaque, a medal or a stress ball - something!

This Thursday, I'm subbing for a team at Gillian's. It'll be my third time with them. The questions are very tough and the opposing teams are fantastically good. We haven't won yet - which is why I've never mentioned my exploits there - but we keep moving up. I think our greatest impediment to victory is the name. If we'd just change it from Heir of the Dog to the New Christ Punchers, we might do a lot better. It's worth a try. I mean, it couldn't hurt.

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