Thursday, October 15, 2009

After Hours

Claude François. Sale bonhomme

Here's another clip to file under "very wrong" from Claude, who is known to his fans, past and present, as Cloclo. OK, so he's making an attempt at country music. Well, he has the basic feel down, but what the heck are his dancers wearing? In addition to their bikinis, I mean. Incidentally, I just found out what those dancers were called. Are you ready for it? The Claudettes. Yeah, groan. Even though I understand only a little of this tune, I can safely declare it corny, but hats off to Claude. He was always trying. Too bad he never made it past the seventies. Can you imagine what he would have been like in the eighties? He would have blown everybody's mind. I think a comment from YouTube sums it all up. It goes something like this - Claude François: great singer, poor electrician. How true...

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