Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tribunali Rethinks Happy Hour

You know, it was a comforting thought to know that at certain times of the day, notably 4-6pm and 11pm-close, I could dash across the street to Via Tribunali and snag a pizza and a Peroni for 10 bucks, tip included. Those days seem to be behind us. Observe:

The first time I ever went in there, I was talking to the bartender about the happy hour. I said that a whole pizza for $5 was a great deal and it's a good thing they had it on all their signs, because that meant they were stuck with it. Then he said,"The signs? Oh, we can just repaint them with new prices." It looks like that's what they're doing. I can't see why they're jacking up the price. I mean, the cost of ingredients for their happy hour pizzas can't be more than a dollar apiece and a draft pint of Peroni doesn't cost more than 40 or 50 cents. So why they gotta bust chops?

Well, if the prices do go up, I'll just have to stay away and fondly remember the days when their pizza used to be cheap.

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