Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your Sunday Squirrel

Whenever I go to Denny Park, I usually run into squirrels individually when they're out foraging. But last week as I was celebrating the return of my beloved camera from its repair-vacation in Texas, I was accosted by no fewer than three squirrels. I just hit the shutter button as fast as I could. By the end of it, I'd taken something like 40 pictures. Almost all of them were not too hot. The problem was that these guys were not only being twitchy about me, but they were also very wary of each other. As you may or may not know, not all squirrels are friends with one another. I know that sounds crazy, but it's so. They basically treated me like a tree and ran in circles around me. This always ended up in one squirrel chasing another. That was really hard to shoot. However, I was able to get one fairly good shot. It's this one:

Yes, I know, it's slightly out of focus. Think of it as an action shot. I like how this squirrel looks kind of tough. In reality, he had an un-bushy tail and was the shyest of the three.

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean I can have my camera back soon?