Thursday, October 8, 2009

After Hours

Falamansa. 100 anos

I came to know these guys through a bass player in a trio I played with a few years ago. He had been to Sao Paolo and picked up a Falamansa CD. It was called Simples Mortais and it's, in a word, a masterpiece. I don't speak Portuguese (although it's very nice language to listen to), but I love each and every song on that album. And yes, they sound like they're playing Cajun music. Funny thing, when I was down in Louisiana last year, driving around swamps and such, I had no real Cajun music with me, so I put on some Falamansa and it worked just fine.

This video is pretty charming and easy to understand. It's like a really short version of Groundhog Day. The key is to give your pastry to the bum! If you do that, you'll get to kiss the girl. Or you could just get up earlier. Anyhow, it's a great tune from a killer album by an excellent group.

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