Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

If I was a Doors fan, I'd be all squishy over this show, but alas, I'm not, so I'll just think of this as a couple of old guys trying to dredge gold from the past. Conspicuously missing are drummer John Densmore and rhyming couplet writer/sociopath Jim Morrison. Well, Densmore's still alive. What's his excuse? Oh, it seems he wants to be a novelist and a jazz drummer. Gosh, is he also gonna solve crimes? I really can't blame him for wanting to shrug off the past. After all, much of the Doors' music is tremendously boring. But if you like them, go see M&K and have a time. I guarantee that you won't hear the following words: "Here's a song from our new album." Not gonna happen - no how.

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