Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Sidewalk Is Open! O Glorious Day!

I know that this isn't necessarily breaking or big news, but the sidewalk in front of the mammoth (and possibly ugly; I haven't decided yet) Escala (at 4th & Virginia) is open once again. Observe:

See anything hindering pedestrians over there? Neither do I!

It's official; there's absolutely nothing to impede your progress any more! The sidewalk has been closed for what seems like about two years. Now, I'm the kind of guy who likes to pick a side and stick with it until I hit my destination. In the case of 4th Avenue, every place I want to go is on that very side of the street. I've had to navigate around it for these many, many months. Well, now I'm a free man on a public sidewalk going about my business, which is generally on that side of the street. I can go straight there. Hallelujah, everything is right once again!

OK, so it has been open for at least a week, possibly longer, but every time I've gone down to take a picture of this sidewalk that was "open to the public," it was blocked off with all kinds of odd equipment. You understand my dilemma here, right? Well, today it's really, genuinely open. Enjoy walking down the entire block, sweet people!

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