Monday, October 12, 2009

After Hours

Zhanna Friske. Odna snezhinka (One Snowflake)

Not only do you get a song that Zhanna sang for New Year's 2007, you're also treated to some very low comedy. Just when you think you're rid of those guys, they come back again and again. It really tough to think about snowflakes with those comedians making dumb jokes. Check out Zhanna's silver boots. Classy! And did you know that she invented time travel? It's true. How else could she transport her entire band from the eighties? Anyhow, the song's OK, but the jokes are terrible. I won't translate them; they're just basically the comedian-guys saying dumb stuff in funny voices. As un-hilarious as that might seem, it's still way better than German comedy. Yes, such a thing exists. So just be grateful that these comedians aren't German. That would be totally grueling.

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