Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3rd Avenue to Get Its Share of Street-Hatred!

First, 4th Ave. bowed under the yoke of heavy-duty street voodoo, then 2nd was the victim. Did 3rd Ave. think it could escape? It probably did. Well, it did get its sidewalks all carved up last spring, but now the SDOT is eying the street and drooling with malice. Are you paralyzed with terror yet? You're not? OK, well, the news isn't that bad. Your precious 3rd Ave. isn't getting a full repave; the orange-vests are just cutting up and removing random slabs of roadway between Virginia and Pike. There's no indication they'll be replacing them. No wait, it says right here that they be doing just that. Work should last until the end of November. Normally, I would question that schedule, but the SDOT are super-wizards of scheduling. They said that 2nd Ave.'s Operation Enduring Pavement would be done by September 19th and guess what? It was.

OK, so enjoy the sound of the concrete cutting machine, northern Belltown segment of 3rd Avenue!

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