Monday, October 5, 2009

A New Restaurant?

Um, OK... In these economic times, it's not unusual to see restaurants trade hands, as with Entre Nous and Night Kitchen. But it's much less common to see a place being built from the ground up. Here it is:

This new place is at 2323 1st Ave., which is between Bell & Battery. It's right across the doorway from Twist (a place I've never been to) and occupies the space that recently belonged to a higher-end antique dealer. And now it looks like it's going to be fairly fancy, but nobody could tell me what kind of restaurant it would be. God, I hope it's not pan-Asian. We've reached the saturation point already. In any case, I wish them all the luck in the world. I'll keep tabs on this place as it shapes up.


andrew said...

I heard a rumor that it is a new place by the owners of Twist-- something along the lines of "Twist Fine Dining". Not sure exactly what that means.

Anonymous said...

i asked them and they told me new american