Sunday, July 8, 2018

Your Sunday Squirrel

It was a very good week for squirrel photography, and this was one of the better shots.  It's definitely worth considering for the calendar.  Oh, and there was a food truck festival going on in South Lake Union.  I ended up having a Pecos Pit sandwich.  It was yummy, but the sauce wasn't hot enough.  Anyhow, there was an ice cream and catering company called this:
Yes, I would definitely like for rodents to prepare my food! 

The Fourth

Here are some of the highlights, so to speak:
 Not named for Sweet Becko, but rather the funeral home it leads to.  Sorry!

It's the *heavy sigh* children's parade.  More decorated bikes and stroller than you can possibly imagine.

The regular parade!  Yay!  This is a junior pipe band.  They sounded pretty good.  I'm sure that upholding proud Scottish tradition is worth all the beatings you get from normal kids.

Ah yes, the Star Wars nerds.  It's always great to see them.  This is their rather portly Darth Vader.

It's the pro-gay contingent!  Edmonds is definitely not Trump country.  And it's nice to see some inclusiveness.  But, like I've said in the past, we might not be seeing expressions of support like this in the future, owing to those who would really like to pull us backwards to an age that never existed.

There was also a superhero contingent.  Here's Batman.  He was pretty cool.

 It's the Edmonds School District Summer Detention Band!  I marched once.  It was cool.

We're getting to the very end.  Here's the "float" they have every year.  It's supposed to be the Edmonds Historical Museum.  It always wins some award even though it's the same every year.  Every.  Year.

Later, we went to my aunt's boat on Lake Union to watch the fireworks.  Here is Sweet Becko trying her hand at rowing a dinghy.

Sweet Becko on board.

And here's the lake right before the fireworks.  I didn't take pictures of the display.  I completely forgot.  But it was really good.  And then we went home.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Your Sunday Squirrel

Fresh squirrels, all.

Prade Paride

Well, last Sunday was the Pride Parade.  Sweet Becko and I watched for a pretty long time (and this is the only photo I took; it's the SPD's vintage motor brigade).  I went back to our place, did a bunch of stuff, took a short nap, thought about various things, then ventured out to the hardware store and...the parade was still going on.  Swear to God, it lasted close to four hours.  That's a lot of proudness, people.  But hey, be as proud as you can for as long as you can.  Seriously.  It seems that there are people on the other side who want to negate all the gains of the last 50 years, not just for gay rights, but rights for unions, minorities and women, too.  Why?  They seem to have a warped notion that this great country was much better before those issues were prominent, when people knew their place and didn't get in the way of the ruling powers.  Yeah, the good old days.  Little do they realize that this country was founded by upstarts who fought the power and redefined how a government should relate to its people.  It wasn't perfect; it still isn't.  But we are constantly reassessing ourselves.  That's why events from recent history, especially from the last two or three weeks have me on alert.  I have no idea how to combat forces that are absolutely unconcerned with my existence.  I don't matter.  It's only slightly comforting that at least these same forces are not actively out to destroy me.  At this point, I don't know whether the amount of resistance people have been putting up so far has been enough. 

Once Bush was gone, the consensus opinion was that we were past all this stuff.  The people who wanted to haul us backwards were aging and dying.  It turns out that they were just honing their grievances and burnishing their feelings of victimhood.  And through a freak accident of the electoral process, their mouthpiece is in charge.  And he's got his own set of gripes that we have to endure every single friggin' day.  I've always characterized this administration as one that does the maximum amount of damage with a minimum of effort.  And it doesn't really care who it hurts, just as long as it's always hurting someone.  The ironic thing is that they seem to be targeting their own supporters a lot of the time.  That's just a chance byproduct of their recklessness.  But if they're really looking to negate you and everything you stand for, look out. 

I'm wondering what next year's parade will look like.  If the Supreme Court sets aside same-sex marriage, what will it be like?  If it suddenly becomes legal to fire someone for being gay, will all this seem like frivolity?  For a lot of people, winning means depriving other people of hard-won rights.  It turns out we haven't gotten beyond it.  In fact, we're right in the middle of the fight and we didn't even know it.   

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Your Sunday Squirrel

We went to Denny Park yesterday and were set upon by four squirrels, but out of all of them, only this guy was photogenic.  I have many other shots of him for another time; a time when all of Denny Park's squirrels are unphotogenic.  Sweet Becko prefers to use burst mode to photograph squirrels.  I started using it, too.  But I find that the recommended photos (the ones with the dots under them) have little to no correspondence with quality shots.  I have no idea what the criteria is.  For example, that second shot is really nice.  It's part of a burst, but it wasn't recommended.  Instead, a blurry shot with the squirrel moving around was.  I guess the moral of the story is to never trust technology.  Use it, yes, but don't trust it.  If you do, the next thing you know, you'll be enslaved by robots who force you to mine metal to build more robots.  That's where that gets you.  But you can always trust squirrels.  They won't enslave you. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

We Went to the Kangaroo Place!

Yesterday, my lovely wife and some friends went to the Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington.  It was my third visit.  As usual, it was wonderful.  And there were a lot more than kangaroos and wallabies.  I already posted at FB, but here are more pics:
A pensive guy...

Rasslin' wallabies...
Mere milliseconds after this shot, this fellow had a little nip of Sweet Becko's finger.
 The mini-horse is a jerk.  Always has been.  Always will be.


The alpacas will take a pellet from you.  They're quite nice about it.

What intimacy issues??

 Apparently, they can see quite well.

Sweet Becko and a giant bunny.  This one is only three months old.

 Stacey's bunny; also just three months.

Basking lemurs!

Again, a great time was had by all. 

Your Sunday Squirrel

This guy is from a few weeks ago.  Squirrels can't smile.  But if you get a shot of them from a certain angle, they almost appear to be smiling.  I'm pretty-super lucky that this is so in focus.  He was moving around quite a bit, but the moment was nicely captured.  And yes, he got a peanut.  Lots of them.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Speaking of that...

Here is a shot that Sweet Becko took just yesterday.  I had some good pics, too, but this was really nice.  We only met one squirrel, but he was very hungry and even more photogenic. 

Your Sunday Squirrel

I apologize for my lengthy absence.  I have a good excuse!  I got married.  And I also recorded two albums and all the while, I was working full time.  But hey, I still go out and take squirrel pictures.  Or, I should say that my lovely wife and I go out and take squirrel pics.  She's quite good at it.  I've featured her shots here before.  I will feature some again.  Anyhow, here's just a sampling of what I've gotten recently.  I hope to update more regularly now that all the vows are said and all the tracks are in the can.  Enjoy!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

New/Old Place

Remember Marco's Supper Club?  It was at 1st & Wall for years and years.  I only had the chance to go once or twice owing to extreme poverty, but it was pretty excellent.  Well, that eventually closed and in its stead, the Lamplighter opened up.  I only went there for drinks twice, because...well, just because.  I can't tell you whether it was good or bad, but it did have a nice atmosphere.  Well, that's gone and now it's the Jerk Shack.  I don't think it means that only jerks eat or work there - I sure hope not - but rather it's the Caribbean style of meat preparation.  Apparently, it's still run by the Lamplighter people; just that the concept has changed from lighting lamps to Caribbean spices.  It looks worth a try.  Of course, it's pretty meat-centric, but as you can see, there are some veggie dishes, too.  Also, it appears that their happy hour is worth a perusal.  So there. 
Good luck, guys.  I'll be visiting soon.