Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey Belltown, Say Hello to Your Newest Scaffold!

Golly, with the McGuire still fully encased, it's a wonder that this lousy town has any scaffolding supplies left. You'd think so, but apparently there is enough stuff rattling around Seattle to cover one side of the Security House at 4th & Bell:

It's being set up on the back side of the building, but if it's got the same kind of "scaffold disease" as the McGuire, it will soon suffer a similar fate and be enclosed in an unattractive cage. You know, I once temped in that building back in the nineties. They have office space on the 3rd floor. It was a pretty awful gig, even though it was just three blocks from the Rivoli. The firm was a sister-company of a real estate syndication concern that had just laid me off. I knew almost everybody there by name, even though I'd never met any of them. Gee whiz, it was so disappointing meeting them all in person. Anyhow, this syndication concern used to own the Security House. At the time, they rented almost exclusively to old people. I believe that they still have a pretty large elderly population. The building itself is pretty bland. I never would have guessed that it would require a scaffolding for anything. Tell you what, I'll keep track of it just for yucks to see how long it takes for them to finish the job. I'll but good money that their scaffold will be gone long before that of the McGuire. Who wants to bet? OK, so this is the Security House Scaffold Watch: Week 1.

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