Wednesday, October 28, 2009

McGuire Scaffold-Watch! Week: ???? + 28

Isn't that a swell fall-like photo? Yesterday I realized that it was the only sunny weather we'll be seeing for like the next month, so I rushed out to get this shot of the McGuire. I don't know why it's such a point of pride. I mean, when I started keeping track of the scaffold, I could have just taken 52 pictures and I'd have a whole year's worth of photos. It's not like one must exercise journalistic standards in blogging. In fact, it's more entertaining when you don't. One thing about blogging at the P-I that I find kind of incredibly hilarious is that people (mostly of the "unregistered user" variety) think that I'm actually reporting on something. Hey, it's blogging! And where would blogging be without a lack of research and unusual opinions? Anyhow, the fact that I go down and take a picture of the McGuire and its ugly-ass scaffold every week has nothing to do with integrity. It's just something to get me out of my apartment, which is so drafty right now that it's pretty much like living outside. Yeah, it's like outside - but with furniture and a TV.

As I was taking this shot, I heard the familiar grinding sounds coming from the exterior. Could it be that the dwarf army has returned? I didn't have time to find out for sure. I had to go see Zombieland and Black Dynamite.

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ruffhauser said...

Igor - I agree, those passive-aggressive wankers over at the P-I have been really shitty towards you. It's just a blog.