Tuesday, October 6, 2009

After Hours

Françoise Hardy. La nuit est sur la ville

Here's FH from 1966. Yeah, I know, that's not the best angle for her, as you're looking straight up her nose. But still, it's a nice enough tune. It has a few minor/major key issues that aren't set up very well, but I can see their dilemma, because they don't want this tune to sound like a complete downer. But all of that is forgotten by the time we hit the wall-of-sound bridge. And we finally end in minor key, which is OK, because the tune isn't exactly a barrels of laffs, but it isn't a heartbreaker either. Anyhow, I just have one more thing to add: when you look at that spiral pattern, YOU ARE GETTING VERRRRY SLEEEEPY. You are under my power. Now go and write a lot of nice comments for all my posts.

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