Monday, March 26, 2012

Your Sunday Squirrel

Whoops! Sorry for the lateness. "Monday Squirrel" really doesn't have the same ring to it. And who wants a Monday Squirrel anyway? Not me. Well, maybe a little bit. I was working on a music video this weekend and time got away from me. Anyhow, this is actually the wounded squirrel from weeks past. You'll also notice he's in nearly the exact same spot as last week's SS. True enough, but those are two different squirrels. See how unwounded this one looks? He's doing fine. I haven't seen him lately, but I'm sure he's around. He just has to go to the squirrel gym to work off all the peanuts I've given him over the last month or so.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Your Sunday Squirrel

I never thought I'd be able to catch a squirrel mid-itch, but here it is. Let's face it, most mammals get fleas. It has to do with how they nest or dwell or whatnot and how it coincides with flea development and the fact that mammals are good places for fleas to live. Of course, that relationship has visited some pretty heavy plagues upon humankind. It just so happens that there was a squirrel in Oakland that tested positive for bubonic plague last year. But it's the fleas' fault! And it might have something to do with Oakland, too. Anyhow, I'm sure this guy doesn't have the plague. He's just itchy.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Your Sunday Squirrel

I was supposed to begin a three-month temp gig, but it got canceled. Rats! Silver lining: I was able to get this shot. Expect this on next year's calendar.

Oh, and remember that I was on the lookout for the injured squirrel from a few weeks ago? I saw him twice this week, so he's fine. I have pictures of him and everything. Here's one:

And Then There Were...

...geese! I go down to Lake Union every Saturday morning to have a look around. Very often there are many nearby geese. We generally leave each other alone, but these two guys swam by just because. And here they are.

New Construction!

This project has been going on for some time, so unless you don't get out, this will be news to you. Well, after more than 10 years after the Speakeasy burned, they're finally building something on this lot at 2nd & Bell. I say condos, because that's usually the answer. When they first began work there, I figured it was a staging area for the new Bell Street Park, but it wasn't. While we're on the subject, where's Bell Street Park? I mean, even the re-updated sign (at 1st & Bell) says it's supposed to be done by now. What's the deal? Anyhow, congratulations to the above site, as it looks like they're getting their very own construction crane.


This is the scene at 2nd & Stewart. They're tearing down the parking garage, presumably to build condos. Good luck with that, guys. I parked my car here for over 10 years. It was a good operation at the time. It was convenient, the rates were reasonable and I knew all the guys who worked there. Then it got sold around 2006 or so to somebody who wanted to develop the property. All the guys working there got laid off, but the garage stayed open. The new owner contracted services out to United Parking who are owned by Diamond. They were terrible. In four months, my rates went up by $50. That's when I headed out for cheaper pastures. These days I don't have a car, which makes things much less complicated. But then again, it means I have to ride the bus a lot. That is not always pleasing. Anyhow, until the last few years, the garage was a good place to keep a car. Now it's not even a garage anymore.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Your Sunday Squirrel

Here's the injured guy from a few weeks ago. I haven't seen him around lately, but that doesn't mean anything. I always feel I'm being watched by squirrels when I'm in Denny Park. And crows. Squirrels and crows, sworn enemies but united in watching. So this guy has probably healed up and is climbing trees faster than a chipmunk. A chipmunk, I tell you! Anyhow, I've gotten many good shots in the last few weeks and it's fortunate, because I go back to work full time on Wednesday. It's nice to have some prime squirrel footage in the bank for the future. So that's something to live for. That and my new album, which will be coming out in April sometime. I haven't decided when, but probably mid-month; just in time for the crappy spring weather.

The Lava Lounge's New Door!

Actually, it's around the corner for the Lava Lounge at 2nd & Bell. Every so often they put up something new. Since this is the first time I've noticed it, it's new to me. I'm pretty glad facial tattoos haven't really caught on. They're unsettling - even the tribal designs. But if you're inked in the face, it probably means one of these three things:

1. You murdered a guy in prison
2. You're determined never to have a job
3. You just signed on as a harpoon thrower aboard the Pequod