Sunday, February 24, 2013

Your Sunday Squirrel

I have an Oscar party to go to, so enjoy three pictures of the same squirrel:

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Bicyclist's WHAT??

I'm no grammar Nazi, but I expect more from signs in little ol' literate Seattle.  This particular sign is at 6th & Blanchard, right across the street from the future former King Cat Theater.  I guess they mean that the bicyclist's entire body must dismount yadda, yadda, yadda.  The above photo might leave some ambiguity as to whether it's really an error.  It is: 
And by the way, how do you walk through a sidewalk?  That sounds difficult.  

Anyhow, in these days of Internet culture, when the distinction between there/their/they're, its/it's, your/you're/yore, etc. is being blurred, what chance does anything have?  Go ahead, make any plural you want a possessive.  It's what all the kid's are doing.  See what I did they're?  And their, too? 

Holy Crap, It's the Wienermobile!

 And it's in Belltown!  See:
Why it's here and parked like any ordinary car, I can't say.  But this is indeed a great honor!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crows Just Wanna Have Fun

Some more than others.  Here's a Russian crow who really likes to play in the snow.  You know, the animal kingdom is pretty brutal, so it's nice when they take a break from killing each other to make snow crows.  The title of the video means something like "rolling crow." That's exactly what happens.  Enjoy.

Monday, February 18, 2013

After Hours

Enjoy 53 minutes of semi-surreal, Soviet-era TV commercials.  Most are in Estonian, with just a few in Russian.  My favorite is the shoe commercial about 4 minutes in.  They do a spirited version of "Honky Tonk Women" in Estonian with lyrics no doubt about footwear.  Thanks to Boing Boing for posting this.  It's a pretty wonderful collection.  You start seeing the same people over and over.  Oh, and if you're averse to nudity, you best steer clear of the happenings around 8 minutes in.  So yeah, they're weird AND racy.  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Your Sunday Squirrel

"OK, yeah, I'm just hanging out in this bush.  Tryin' to look as casual as I can.  The ladies like that.  It doesn't really matter that much, though.  So tell me, do I look deep when I don't look into the camera?"

How It Stands

On this fairly anonymous street in Ballard...
Through this door...
Down this hallway...
Into this room...
 Through this other room and you're in the control room...
 That's Owen at the console...
 To the left is the vocal booth..
And this is the larger room.

I recorded an entire album here in four days.  It was really quite fun.  Unfortunately, the mixing part was less fun and I'm gonna have the engineer on my last two albums mix it.  It will be done soon. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Your Sunday Squirrel

As much as I'd like to talk about how neat squirrels are, alas, I don't have the time at the moment.  I'm recording a new album now and things are a bit busy.  I've already had a wonderful evening session with a string quartet, a rough first day of vocal tracking followed by a tremendous second day.  This is the third day.  I'll do some singing today, but we've got a trio of guys to record before that.  Vocals will be done by tomorrow and then the mixing begins.  Since that's just a lot of me waiting around, I plan to read The Great Gatsby in the singing booth.  In conclusion, recording is fun.  And here is a squirrel I met last week.     

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Your Sunday Squirrel

Here's another squirrel in the tree that fascinates them so.  I was at Denny Park several times this week and saw only one squirrel.  He wasn't particularly friendly.  I'll try again this week.  It seems that squirrels are elusive in the winter and summer.  In spring and fall, they're generally everywhere and friendly.  That's my experience.  It might be that they're simply on vacation.