Monday, October 19, 2009

After Hours

Zhanna Friske. Mama Maria

Here's Zhanna performing on the Russian special "Song of the Year." This tune doesn't have a proper video, so we'll feature it here. At around the 2:12 mark something weird happens and then we're back again to Zhanna lipsynching as usual. You know, I'm sorry to say that I've come to the end of Zhanna's videos. All that remain are "live" performances with her lipsynching in front of dancers. So I've decided that from now until I run out of videos that Monday will be trashy Russian pop day: B'yanka, Angel A, Code Red, Blestyashchie and all the other nominally-talented suspects. If you've enjoyed any of these Zhanna Friske videos (and you really should have, because they're totally krazy), you will totally dig the next phase. And if find some Eastern European videos that rise to Russian levels of blatant weirdness, I'll include those as well. As my Ukrainian grandmother used to say: "The world needs more bizarre Slavic music videos."

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