Wednesday, October 7, 2009

After Hours

Jean Ferrat. Au bout de mon âge

Even though Jean is a bard who sings all kinds of deep stuff about various things, he can also spin off a very pleasant tune like this. And there's not even a hint of Communism in this. At least as far as I understand it - which isn't very far. See, as a bard, it was pretty much Ferrat's duty to be somewhat cryptic in his tunes. So no, I don't think he's tipping his hat to the Bolsheviks here, but my understanding is limited. Jean's verb tenses are the most confusing of all, because even though I can figure out the what, I don't know the when. Has it already happened? Is it going to happen? Beats me! But it's really such a pleasant little tune that it doesn't really matter. But I think we can all agree that this clip is quite poorly directed. I mean, it looks like Jean's in jail when he's just being a guitar-strummin' bohemian.

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