Thursday, October 22, 2009

And Another Thing...

I ran across another curious thing during my jaunt outside of Belltown. The following scene is from Westlake. Take a look:

Yeah, that's a preacher guy. Most evangelical types at Westlake are apocalyptic nutjobs. Everybody's going to hell in their book. They just want to let you know about it, and they never seem to be able to stop talking. This guy was quite a bit different. As you can see, he's well dressed and he was well behaved. And yes, he's using charts to convince you to turn to Jesus. Why not PowerPoint, business-preacher? I didn't stay for the entire presentation, because I had to go pray to the Easter Bunny. If I don't, who's gonna bring me Easter eggs?

Other than those two things, my trip outside of Belltown was uneventful.

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