Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bad Graffiti of the Week

You can usually rely on the fact that your graffiti, good or bad, will be in some language or other. It will employ an alphabet of some kind and strive to make some kind of point that its author was there. Well, sometimes even that is too much to ask. Observe:

This is on the side of the Cristalla on 2nd, between Lenora & Virginia. Is this in any known language? I'd like to think that its creator was interrupted in its formative stages, but honestly, would it have looked any better closer to completion. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't. The moral of the story here is to work out small what you would do big. Clearly, that step of the process was skipped. But all that ugliness isn't to blame on just the large attempt. There are actually two pieces on this wall. Both are completely inept. Yes, there the big thing:

There's also this lesser thing off to the right by somebody else trying to prove something:

It does seem to use the Latin alphabet at the beginning, but then degenerates into lines and squiggles. My verdict: its author doesn't know enough letters.

So there you go, two works on the same wall that are equally wretched. I strongly advise both of these guys to take some lessons or something before they create again, because their stuff is just awful.

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