Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Both of Yous!

Recession? What recession?? You know, it's really nice to see new places opening up, especially places I can afford to go to once in a while. So it is with great pleasure that I announce the grand opening of Pita Xpress at 3rd & Bell:

The space they occupy has been lots of things: a stereo repair shop, a video store, a dodgy teriyaki place and an even-dodgier African gift shop. But now they sell gyros, falafel and so on. I haven't been in to look at their prices, but the outside smells fantastic. And that section of Belltown really needs it.

The other place is Petra at 4th & Wall:

I know that I featured this place a while back, but it wasn't open then. Now it is and that qualifies as breaking news. It seems to be very much a sit-down place (they serve lunch and dinner) with real breakable plates and bendable silverware, but I'm sure they do takeout. I'm also not sure what their prices are, but it looks affordable.

So if you get to any of these places before I do, let me know how they are, willya?


Anonymous said...

There is a Pita Express on 1st & Denny. It is fantastic. That is all.

Anonymous said...

The Pita Express place is great! Definitely worth a visit. Ask the guy who's working what to get - some days the Gyros is better, some days the Shawarmamama

Anonymous said...

Wow I was shocked today when I saw that pita express closed in belltown , they just opened. Back to Deli Shez

WABrokers said...

Pita Xpress is now under new management and will be re-opening soon thanks to Washington Brokers finding a new owner/operator. More details can be found at: . Please keep us posted on your thoughts about the Grand Re-Opening and their food service to your local community. Thanks and best regards