Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Large Cranes Bring Nice Things


I walked out of the Rivoli and saw this sight down at 2nd & Bell. What could they possibly be up to? Two words for you: concrete plates. Observe:

Here's the concrete plate fresh off the truck. I think it might weigh a few tons.

It's up in the air and...

...now it's in the big hole they dug for it. Bottom line here: if you were in the concrete plates business, you'd be making money right now.

What does this mean? Well, clearly, the mole people are out of control. We need to seal off their realm with concrete plates. That's how bad things have gotten. I don't know what to be more frightened of, the mole people or the impending feral dog explosion. I kind of go back and forth.


Lydia said...

Cranes don't bring babies? Oh wait, that's storks. I hope they'll take that fence down now, I can hardly get to the coffee shop.

Igor Keller said...

First they have to make sure no mole people are sneaking up at night and then the fence will come down.