Friday, August 7, 2009

Seriously, Fountain Court?

In the past, I've felt the need to object to some of the Fountain Court's self-promotion. After 19 years in this neighborhood, it seems ridiculous that people are still trying to bill Belltown as "sophisticated living" - complete with all the cool urban trappings enjoyed by our favorite celebrity metrosexuals in other, better cities. It couldn't possibly be about bad smells, crazy people and idling buses. No, no - in Marketing World, Belltown means big martinis, dusky-eyed women and shopping - something for everyone. Honestly, I don't know where these people get such ideas. Have they ever been to Belltown? Well, they've gotten into the stock photography again and made another silly poster. Observe:

Oh, so that's what downtown living is all about - coffee. You sure can't get that anywhere else. What better reason to move into the Fountain Court? They can totally hook you up with coffee. Wow, somebody actually made this poster thinking that it would strike a chord among the people whizzing by on 4th Avenue. I declare this a FAIL - and a pretty hilarious one at that.

Oh, and another thing. Like I wrote in this previous post, the Fountain Court is not downtown. In fact, it's about as much downtown as it is in Ballard. Even burb dwellers know that.

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