Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Week at the A.L. Humphrey House

They are truly building at a breakneck pace over there at 1st & Cedar. I think the reason is that there are so many freelance crazy people roaming around this neighborhood and downtown. On my way home from the gym this morning, I passed at least six, all either engaged in intense conversations with themselves, laughing hysterically or shouting at nothing. All in all, pretty typical craziness. Yeah, Belltown needs the Humphrey House. They can't ever fix crazy people, but they can help them be a little less nutso. Here's how far they've gone since last week:

They won't start with the actual floors for a bit, but it looks like the foundation is almost completely done. In the intervening time, the crew can bask in their own achievement.

Hey, have I ever mentioned that I really like the crane they have at the site. Well, I do and here it is:

Call me simple-minded, but I never get tired of seeing it. Hey! Stop calling me simple-minded!!

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