Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Old News: Copper Cart Opens, Somebody Gets Shot

This is ancient, ancient stuff that I've been meaning to post for a long time, but it got real hot and then Scary Skull Guy distracted me, so... OK, I have no excuse. Well, the Copper Cart is now open on Bell, between 1st & 2nd. Copper Cart? Doesn't that sound like a particularly off-brandish kind of murder mart? It would be even cheesier if they spelled it "Kopper Kart." Yeah, I'd buy all my Grape Swishers and six packs of Joose there. But it's not a murder mart; it calls itself a cafe, but seems to be just a bar. But wait! They have pool tables. I haven't been inside, so I can't confirm that. But here are some pictures of the outside:

Pretty unimpressive from the outside, yes? Every time I walk by, it looks closed, even though it's open. Well, when it comes to bars and Belltown, the more the merrier, I say. I wish them plenty of luck.

They might just need it, because at the tippy end of July, right after they opened, some guy got dissatisfied customer-like and announced that he was gonna shoot up the place. They tossed him and a friend out and security followed him to his car where he drew a gun. A scuffle ensued and a security guy got hit in the hand. The Seattle Times has the sketchy details right here. As far as gunplay goes, this is really minor. Back in the nineties, there was a place called Club Belltown right where Belltown Bistro is now at 1st & Battery. One night there was a shootout in the parking lot. Nobody got hit, but the cops collected something like 80 shell casings from the incident. And it was the end of Club Belltown. I could hear it, but I figured somebody was shooting off firecrackers. In April. Yeah, those were the days.

Anyhow, I'd like to belatedly welcome the Copper Cart to the neighborhood and hope that none of their customers end up riddling the place with bullets.

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