Friday, August 21, 2009


Let's face it, I'm really fascinated by the demolition of the Recovery Cafe. It's just as cool to see how things are brought down as built up. And bringing things down is more fun, because you can be as messy as you want in the process. I just thought I'd post a few photos from the project, starting with this from last week:

OK, rubble, great. This one is from earlier this week:

The Demolition Men are on the job! Finally, this is from today:

Don't dig too far down, guys, you'll get the mole people angry!

At this clip, they'll be done destroying in two weeks, which means that they'll start building soon afterward. Ooh, let's make it a race between the Recovery Cafe and the A.L. Humphrey House. It's always more sporting when there's money on it. I've got $20 on the A.L. Humphrey House. Sure, they've got a head start, but their building is bigger. So it's $20 - any takers?