Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Totally Doesn't Count as a Scary Skull Guy Sighting

My quest for Scary Skull Guy has ended, as you know, in disappointment. I accept that. However, I did spot something of his the other day. Here it is:

Yeah, it's not his best work, but it was definitely done by him. It's on the back of a load zone sign on 1st, between Blanchard and Bell. You'd think that by now he'd understand that what makes his skulls scary is their size. This one is tiny and not scary at all. OK, so I'm done with Scary Skull Guy.

In terms of strange and interesting graffiti, my interest turns to someone I'm calling the Eye Guy. He puts up large, half-opened eyes on the sides of buildings, giving the impression that we're looking at a very large and drowsy beast. You can find this at 3rd & Blanchard on the side of the Cornelius:

See what I mean? It gives the impression that the building is alive and very lazy. His work is not uncommon around Belltown, so I'll be bringing it to you quite often.

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