Monday, August 17, 2009

After Hours

Zhanna Friske. Gde-to letom (Somewhere in Summer)

Well, happy Zhanna Friske Monday! Today's offering is "Gde-to letom." You know, a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to have found a tune that I could almost totally understand. That was "Aux Champs-Élysées" by Joe Dassin. That's the same case here - only I understand even more. It's like 100% - not because I'm some sort of super-brain, but because the lyrics are so idiotically simple and repetitive. Yeah, Pushkin this ain't. But it is another fine example of soul-less Russian pop music.

After seeing a few of Friske's other videos, I just assumed that they were all just a bunch of fetish menus. This one seems to differ from those - unless your particular boat-floater is seeing good-looking young people in swimwear, which is hardly a niche interest. As usual, you get to see a lot of Zhanna. That's the point. Enjoy.

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