Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Demolition Update

Here's the yang to that yin.

They're slowly destroying the Recovery Cafe. It's a sturdy place, so it's taking a very long time. A while back, something like a week went by and you could barely see any progress. But now things are going a little faster. This is what it looked like two days ago:

Here's how things stand today:

Although everything is proceeding at a measured clip, it would have gone a lot faster if they'd just advertised the building on Craigslist as free to anybody who wanted to haul it away. It would have been gone weeks ago in a matter of hours. People would have been all over it with picks and crowbars knocking out huge blocks of concrete. It would have looked like a wheat field after a swarm of locusts had been through it. But hey, heavy equipment is another way of doing it.

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triptrumpet said...

I was just in Belltown yesterday - two desctruction/construction events right across the street from each other. Now that's progress! What the hell is all the road digging on downtown for anyway? Laying pipe? (cymbal, rim shot if you please)