Thursday, August 13, 2009

After Hours

Claude François. Belles belles belles

Gosh, this is weird! Here you have Claude François and three charming companions frolicking in the snow, doing the twist and getting into the world's lamest snowball fight. The tune is a French cover of "Girls, Girls, Girls" by Eddie Hodges. I actually like this version better - and it's not just because these people are out running in the snow. It's more because he's dressed like one of those security guys who are always getting killed on Star Trek.

This was Claude's first big hit and it set the tone for the rest of his career, because he specialized in French cover versions of English-language hits. Some, like this one, are good; many others are not. I will be sure to feature a few of those in the future, as they are quite hilarious.

Poor Claude is no longer with us. He "accidentally" electrocuted himself at the end of the seventies. Golly, that's a crappy way to go! To be fair, though, Claude was pretty creepy by then.

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