Monday, August 17, 2009

What Did This Use to Be?

Put on your Belltown history cap and take a look:

This is the Marrakesh Restaurant at 2nd & Battery. It is very yummy and quite a cool dining experience, as long as you don't mind eating with your hands. They also feature belly dancers on the weekends. Believe me, it's a very welcome part of the neighborhood. And yes, it's very pink. That's because it's the dominant color of Marrakesh. Everything's made out of pink clay. Besides that, their bazaar is large and chaotic and, when I was there (July), it was something like 120 degrees. But enough of this; I'd like to know what this place used to be. Hint: it was back in the nineties and afterwards, it was empty for a number of years.

The answer is in comments.

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Igor Keller said...

It was the Norm Rice for Governor campaign headquarters. Poor Norm didn't even make it out of the primary.