Friday, August 7, 2009

Scary Skull Guy Vigil: Day 1

Nothing. This is where he's supposed to strike next. It's familiar territory to him, because his largest work was here for a time, but was sadly removed in order for the wall to achieve a more zen-like state. All I found anywhere in the alleythat was remotely head-like was this stencil on the Borg Building:

Yeah, it's kind of cutely Clockwork Orange-esque, but it's no scary skull, brother.

Here's the thing: if we are to be arch-nemeses, I'll have to be able to predict his next move. Otherwise, he'll just be a guy who does bad graffiti and I'll be just a guy who ridicules him mercilessly. So it's in his own best interests to play the game.

The vigil will continue.

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