Monday, August 10, 2009

What Did This Use to Be?

New feature! You know, I walk around this rotten neighborhood and I'm haunted by the ghosts of the past. I see places that used to be places that used to be places and so on. Since my mind is geared towards storing useless trivial information, I think it might be cool to turn Belltown lore into something of a trivia quiz. How does that sound?

Our very first candidate, the Kushibar. I still haven't been there, but I hear that it's quite good. It's on 2nd, between Bell & Battery (this street shot is before the place opened). Have a peek:

If you're a new arrival, you'll have no idea. If you're a long-time Belltownianite, you'll probably say something like, "It was a film distribution house. What do I win?" OK, yes, it used to be a film distribution house a million years ago, just like nearly every single building on the block. I mean to find out what it was more recently. So what was it? Hint: it was kind of the opposite of a restaurant.

Scratch your heads and furrow your brows for a while. When you give up, the answer is in the comments.

And remember, those who answer correctly get nothing!


Igor Keller said...

It was a sporting goods store.

Lydia said...

Darn, misread, I thought we could guess in the comments. Burst my bubble. I wouldn't have guessed it anyway.