Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Buckley's Trivia Triumph 2

Sorry about the repeat photo here, but I didn't bring along my camera to last night's quiz at Buckley's. I didn't see the point. I figured that we got lucky last week when we took 2nd, but that this week, we'd finish somewhere in the middle of the pack after many drinks and laughs. Gosh, how incorrect I was!

I had a new team with a new name. Last week, it was Andy, Robert and me as the Karate Skids (Andy came up with that one, of course) and this time around, it was Jen, Jen's friends Joya and Laura, their friend Martin and me. We were the Christ Punchers. From the get-go, I was in a quandry. They were asking all kinds of questions I knew nothing about. Although I'm a musician, I do horribly in the music category, because I really haven't been paying attention to pop music for the last 15 years. Thanks to some great team knowledge, we were hanging in 4th place after the first few rounds. Then something really great happened: we got seven of eight racial slur questions (all very mild) and seven of eight eighties movie audio questions. The last round was general trivia. It was where we broke through last week and seized 2nd from our worthy opponents. This week, all was confusion. The quiz-master people were asking questions wrong and various other difficulties arose. We emerged from round eight broken and bitter individuals. I was positive that a respectable 4th place finish was the reward for our efforts. I was incorrect. We ended up winning. I have no idea how. The people at the table across from us were so serious and smart-looking. How did we ever defeat them? I'm not demanding a recount, but I just don't see how.

So we won $50 in gift certificates and the respect of our peers. And I wasn't even planning on playing this week. I was going to rest my brain and play poker. Look how well that worked out! Next week I'll be back again. But this time I'm completely sure that we won't win squat. I mean, who gets lucky like that three times in a row?

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