Friday, August 14, 2009

The Rivoli Summer Sidewalk Sale 3

OK, it's semi-official, the Rivoli Summer Sidewalk Sale 3 (in 3-D) will take place on Saturday & Sunday, August 22nd & 23rd. That's next Saturday and Sunday for those of you without access to a calendar. Last sale's hours of 8-2 were pretty ridiculous, because not much happened for the first three hours except a whole lot of El Rey people asking me questions that didn't quite make sense. So we'll say that it'll run from 10 to 6, but keep in mind that most of my neighbors don't wake up before noon, so things won't really start rolling till the afternoon. But heck, I'll be here from 10 o'clock on with a whole bunch of records, t-shirts, bad art and some CDs. All of them will be priced to move. Don't worry, I'll send out numerous reminders prior to the blessed event. See you there.

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