Wednesday, August 12, 2009

After Hours

Renée Martel. Je vais a Londres

She wants to go to make a movie? OK, let's wish her luck. I dunno, there are better things to do there than make movies. For instance, you can go up to Camden Town and stare at goths. Or you can walk along Oxford Street and collide with Spaniards. Or you can go out to Tufnell Park and look for Neil Kinnock. As you can see, there are many better things to do.

I really like this tune. True, Renée's voice isn't the greatest, but she sings with enough gusto to distract us from that fact most of the time. And that ribbon in her hair is just darling. In France's sixties pop music pantheon, she's a very minor deity, but this is still a very nice artifact from 40+ years ago.

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