Saturday, August 29, 2009

2nd Avenue Gets Scraped!

When I was returning from Siegfried at about 11:30, 2nd Avenue was clogged with asphalt removal equipment. They were like some kind of secret army of the night, with guys giving orders and orange cones and lights flashing and large vehicles going every which-way. And yeah, they were really loud, because taking off an entire layer of old road surface is not a quiet process. Today we see the fruits of that labor:

From Bell Street to Denny, there is no more surface. You're gonna be driving on the road bed, brother, until Sweet Lady Blacktop comes to town. That could happen in a short time or a long time. It all depends on the Sweet Lady. When they repaved 4th Avenue in the late spring, it took them about three weeks to get around to it. But that's all water under the bridge now, because 4th drives like a dream. My car absolutely loves it. Let's hope that 2nd Ave. gets some better service. After all, it is a much cooler street.

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