Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Reason Why Yesterday Sucked

Just as I was trying to turn the friggin' day around, the orange vests show up on the corner of 2nd & Blanchard with metal monsters. One of them was equipped with the lovely Baroness von Jackhammer. Yeah, it was loud. Even the flies who orbit in the center of my main room wanted no part of it.

They punched a couple of big holes in the sidewalk and asphalt, and, as is their habit, disappeared. Will they return? Who knows?

But yesterday wasn't a total loss, my favorite truck made a special guest appearance:

For those of you new to this blog, that's the Non Potable Water WATER Do Not Drink truck and I love it. You know what I really want to do? Drink from it. Damn straight.

I also got together with Trumpet Dave at Buckley's at 3:00. They have a lovely terrace and an extensive happy hour there, so we hung out and drank for a long time. Thanks to much wine, the day did indeed turn around and things began to look less grim. The end.

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