Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Yes, that the Cult - the mid-to-late eighties self-styled British rock gods. If you see a photo of what they looked like back then, you'd swear they were all professional wrestlers. I always thought that most of their stuff was a tad too simple-minded. I mean, their tunes only consisted of a one-bar guitar riff repeated endlessly and Ian Astbury singing "Oooh, yeeeahhh!" at some point. Still, their music was better than a lot of the day's heavy metal. I was actually a pretty big fan of Sonic Temple, one of their last albums. I put it on the other day and it does not travel well into this millennium, I hate to say. And now everyone in the band is old - or has Astbury fired all the original members and hired guys who were in diapers during the Cult's initial surge? I dunno, his judgment, like his voice, isn't so great. He joined a band that called themselves "The Doors of the 21st Century." Though originals Manzarek and Krieger were also on board, I have to ask: What the hell? Astbury is no Jim Morrison; he's not mildly retarded, he occasionally bathes and his lyrics aren't a load of pretentious dreck. The only reason why this band came into existence is probably just to cash in on the past. Too bad the Cult was never famous enough for that. I guess that's why their playing the Moore and not Qwest Field.

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