Saturday, August 22, 2009


In case nobody told you, the sidewalk sale was on today. A neighbor joined me for a time, but mostly it was me all day. Foot traffic was very light, but I still ended up making quite a bit of money. Some very nice people actually showed up at 10:00 sharp this morning to look at my 78s - all of them. They were here for more than three hours and ended up taking home around 70 of my finest offerings. I sold all kinds of various odds and ends, a few records here, a book or two there, even several Mackris v. O'Reilly t-shirts. But the one sale that dominates is the painting of the pink outhouse. Not surprisingly, I called it Pink Outhouse. Here it is:

Yeah, it's just that - a pink outhouse. Some Real Change Papa just had to have it. Who was I to deny him that joy? Yes, I'm suffering some seller's remorse, because this was one of the very first pieces in my bad art collection. It might very well have been the first. I know that I'm selling off most of the collection, but Pink Outhouse has always been a sentimental favorite. And now some other man is seeing her. Take care of her, Real Change Papa. And be good to her. Godspeed, Pink Outhouse.


Jim said...

What did the 78 hunters buy?

Igor Keller said...

A wide variety of stuff: swing, country, hot jazz and just about everything else I had to offer. They were very nice. They even bought a Mackris v. O'Reilly t-shirt.