Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh, the Humanity!

Folks, the Belltown Dog Lounge at 3rd & Bell is closing. Look:

It's nice that they try to make light of their demise through wordplay, but the question remains: Where will Belltown's dogs lounge? They can't all go to Wags to Whiskers. They won't fit. Will they run wild in the streets, attacking the sick and the old? Gosh, I hope not. Having packs of hungry semi-feral dogs roaming around the neighborhood would negatively impact local businesses. I mean, why go to Belltown and get attacked by dogs when you can relax in dog-free downtown?

It's a real shame to see these guys go. Almost every time I walked by, I'd hear the sounds of dogs being happy. Of course, there were the few times that sounded like a dog-prison riot. I imagine that's what it'll sound like around here once they let all their "clients" loose. Pray for the survivors. I'm sure to be one of them. Pray for me...

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Jim said...

I guess our city's recently unemployed have time now to spend with their canines at home, putting the doggie daycare business into a tailspin.