Monday, May 25, 2009

I Can Think of Two Things Wrong with This Sign

I was just walking past the Fountain Court, which occupies the entire block between Battery & Wall and 4th & 5th. It's really a massive place that has managed to kill a whole city block by not including retail of any kind. That's right, the units go right down to the sidewalk. Reaction to the Fountain Court was so negative back when it was built in the nineties that the city passed zoning laws making that kind of design illegal in Belltown. Honestly, the city should have seen that kind of thing coming, but Seattle is a place legendarily lacking of foresight, so that's just the way we roll. OK, so I was walking by there today and saw this sign. It's supposed to get people amped about living at the Fountain Court (if you call that livin'!):

First of all, this is not downtown, it's Belltown. Anybody who doesn't know the difference should be sent to one of those FEMA reeducation camps. Downtown has tall buildings, plentiful retail and few actual residents; Belltown has crazy people, ugly buildings and nice restaurants. Secondly, contrary to what this poster implies bass players DO NOT congregate in Belltown - and especially not around the Fountain Court. This is a fact.

I close with a photo of the actual fountain and the actual court:

I'm told that the sound of the fountain covers up the wails of the ghostly lost souls who wander the hallways.

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