Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trivia at Buckley's

I got in on trivia night at Buckley's for the first time yesterday eve. It's only been going on a few weeks, but last night it was us - Andy, Andy's affable smoker-friend, Robert, and me - vs. 16 other teams. We took second. And it was a close second. The winning team developed an overwhelming lead with the music category, which was not our strong suit. However, we rocked the very last round, general trivia. We walked away with a cool $25 (in gift certificate form) and the comforting knowledge that our brains are strong. I had some assistance from "smart juice" (house red wine), but everybody else on my team was a non-drinker. This special tonic opened my mind and expanded my consciousness to the point where I was even getting sports questions right.

As for the hosts, they were pretty good. The guy was just smarmy enough and his lovely assistant totaled the scores accurately. We'll be making a return visit in two weeks, with a new name - the Christ Punchers - and hopefully somebody who knows something about music from the last ten years. We'll be the ones to beat.

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